FinBiz Technologies

Revolutionizing SME and Microcredit Lending Landscape with Empowering Software Innovations

Easy to set-up and use

A standalone white-label solution with intuitive design and easy to work with.

All-round technical solution

Full software solution enabling management and origination of loans to micro and small enterprises

Providing know-how

Including a state-of-the-art scoring system and risk management.

Discover a new way to lend to companies

The solution have the following modules:


Loan origination

Manages the process of credit application, assessment, approval/rejection, data collection, communication with the applicant.



Manages information about customers, interaction with them, notifications (collection, financial transactions).


Customer Origination

Manages the process of customer registration – data collection, AML, KYC, communication.


Loan management

Manages the life of the credit after approval – due dates, repayments, delays. Customer can perform self-servicing activities from his profile and check the real-time information about the credit.



Manages the money of the customers that are stored in a segregated bank account. The purpose of the money could be for credit repayment or for investment.



All events in the system that have accounting impact are parameterized to generate accounting transactions. Business data is reconciled with accounting data. Generates accounting reports.



Handles the process of receiving/sending money from/to customers.

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